Community and Mentoring

  • Energetic Mentoring

    1:1 Mentoring to help align your soul to its true purpose
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 1:1 Mentoring with Chanti, in person or virtually
    • 5 week access to Chanti's Exclusive facebook group
    • Weekly zoom calls for 5 weeks
    • Distance energy healing session
    • Access to past live videos
  • Chanti Exclusive

    Every month
    Exclusive Energetic awakening group
    • Weekly Spiritual guidance
    • Guided meditations
    • Unlimited access to past live videos
    • Coupon codes to Chanti's online store
    • Access to an Exclusive facebook group
    • A community of like minded people
    • Access to our challenges
    • Live guest appearances

About the Energetic Mentoring program

Embrace your energetic self, learn new techniques and use new tools to help you along your energetic awakening!

During your 1;1 mentorship you will:

Work with energetic tools like, crystals, pendulum and tarot cards.

Gain confidence in trusting your intuition

Learn to recognize and manipulate energy

Acquire news skills in protecting, grounding and cleansing.

Receive a energy healing by Chanti

Have the opportunity to request custom lessons!

Be able access an online community of like minded people

Receive a discount code to the online store


If you have any further questions, or would like to meet Chanti before purchasing your 1;1 mentoring request a free 30 minute chat with by clicking the chat button below


About the Chanti exlusive group

Join this monthly membership and be part of a group of energetic spirituals who are here to learn, share and support!

This group will gain you access to:


Weekly live lessons/meditations


Monthly special appearances from other spiritual workers.

A place to share your spiritual/energetic practice.


A non-judgmental space to ask questions and interact with like-minded people.

Monthly coupon codes to Chanti's online store.

A personalized discount code to Chanti's energy healings.