🌿Maskne self care bundle🌿

I have been receiving allot of questions about maskne, acne and oily skin! So I put together this little bundle to help those of you are interested in starting your own self care ritual! In this bundle you’ll find:

Tea infuser 🌿What we put in our bodies directly affects our skin. A great way to keep our bodies and skin hydrated is drinking herbal, organic teas. This ensures we ingest a sufficient amount of water and allows us to add healing benefits based on the herb we choose to infuse our teas with. 

2 oz Lavender 🌿 Lavender can detox the skin and reduce inflammation. Lavender also has antimicrobial properties, which are suitable for healing skin. Use this lavender in a tea, Elixir or face mask. 

Green Jade Guasha 🌿The benefits of the Guasha and green jade combo is to awaken the skin, thus increasing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation performing a detox on the skin and giving it a nice glow!  

Skin Essence Organic Light Serum 🌿A product designed specifically for acne and/or oily prone skin that requires light hydration. The extracts and essential oils used in this formula contain natural healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to keep the skin clean and clear, preventing breakouts.

Acne, oily skin energetic bundle