Upon  purchasing your Distance Energy Healing session, you will recieve a link to a document with details  of your session. There will  be a guided meditation, relaxing music and how to prepare for your session. I will then personally email you to choose a day/time.


Each session starts with a choice of guided meditation or soothing music.


The healing then proceeds to an aura cleanse, Crystal chakra alignent, reiki energy healing and tarot card pulls.


I then give you the option to receive the details of your session via phone call or in written sent by email.


You do not have leave the house to receive this treatment. You can choose to sit back and relax while I send you energy or go about your day and receiving healing energy at the same time!


Recipients of distance reiki sessions often report  the same varying experiences as a hands on Reiki session such as; feeling heat or energy, seeing lights or colors, and feeling a deep state of relaxation.



Distance Energy Healing