It is not necessary to be physically close to the recipient in order to send the healing and soothing benefits of reiki energy. When recieving distance Reiki, the practitioner will encourage the recipient to lie down in a comfortable position and do whatever else they need to do to feel relaxed, such as light candles or play soothing music, while the practitioner focus on sending the energy to them.


Recipients of distance reiki sessions often report  the same varying experiences as a hands on Reiki session such as; feeling heat or energy, seeing lights or colors, and feeling a deep state of relaxation.


After purchasing a Distance Reiki session, you will recieve an email with a series of questions such as the intention behind the treatment, available times to recieve and more! You will then proceed to be able to recieve your treatment.


After the Distance Reiki healing treatment, another email will follow with the practitioners findings and specific energies you've had worked on!



Distance Reiki

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