Tools to help you on your energetic awakening journey!


This bundle includes:

1x Journal, with blank pages to help stimulate creativity. You can choose to write or draw about you awakening here.


1x Smudge stick. Smudging helps ground and provide energetic cleansing. The type of smudge sticks you will receive will depend on what is locally and ethically available at the time of purchase.


1x Clear Crystal quartz, This crystal is known for its high vibrations. By clearing your mind, body, and spirit of any clutter, a Clear Quartz crystal can help you align with your highest self and live at your highest potential. The Clear Quartz crystal stone meaning is especially powerful for anyone looking to set and achieve new goals.  Great for Crown Chakra work, or to magnify the benefits of any other Crystal.


1x Sodalite crystal, Sodalite calms and clears the mind, Eases fears and guilt. Improves communication and aids creative expression. It helps bring clarity to your thoughts. On a physical level, Sodalite can help combat insomnia and supports maintenance of healthy blood pressure and hydration.


1x Tiger eye crystal, Tigers Eye is a protective stone that traditionally warded off curses and ill wishes. It is still employed by many as a protector against the “evil eye,” aids memory, and mental agility. Blue Tigers Eye has a healing effect on the nerves and clams the over-anxious or phobic.


1x Selenite stick.  Selenite healing properties are all about activation and reaching higher planes. It is known for connecting to the third eye and crown Chakra. Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty. Selenite can also be used to cleanse the energy of your other stones. If you feel that the energy of a c