Known as the "Miracle stone", it will shield against negative energies, restore emotions from trauma, clears the aura, all around, a grounding stone.

Use Shungite if you are prone to restless legs, or to help ease your mind.


Skin properties:

Shungite helps boost your skin's natural defense. It helps promote its natural production Antioxidant, helping fight and protect against UVB skin damage, slow the ageing process and fight inflammation.



Pressure points: Massaging a specific pressure point can help relieve tension in the area. For example, you can massage the temples to help with headaches and migraines. Press on the pressure point between your eyebrows to help with insomnia or apply pressure on either side of the nose to help with stomach issues.


I would recommend using a crystal wand to perform this massage. The point of the wand will help you target the pressure point with accuracy. 


Shungite accupressure wand