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Recognizing the signs from the universe

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

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From the day you were born, a spirit guide was assigned to you, and is here to stay for the rest of your life. Throughout your life, more spirit guides may choose to work with you especially when you are faced with difficulties. Spirit guides are the universe's way of communicating with us.

The signs we receive from your spirit guides will be unique to each person. The key is to pay attention. Common signs would be dreams, numerology ringing or buzzing in the left or right ear.

Number Patterns or Sequences

If you see the same number or patterns of numbers, again and again, or look at the clock and see the same time, again and again, this is a message to you that they are around you, and have received your message. It also means everything is in motion to become a reality.

Lights or Orbs

Seeing little circles of light (orbs) in your pictures are messages from your spirit guides. This means they are nearby, and making sure that you will not feel alone. Your guides want you to trust that things are working in the order that they are supposed to.

Hearing A Song Or Music

If you hear random songs that seem to play or repeat, it can also be a sign from your guides. Often the song will hold a special message that you need to pay attention to.

Special Scents

Sometimes aromas are smelled in the oddest places. Your spirit guide will surprise you with flowery smells to get your attention. They may also use scents from your childhood memories. This means they are nudging you to make a decision, to focus on letting go, and trust in something greater than yourself for guidance.

High Pitched Ringing

You may hear ringing sounds, especially in moments of deep thought about contemplating questions. This is a sign that your spirit guides are around, and they want you to pay close attention to the current situation. You may have said something important, or it could mean something is happening around you that you need to pay close attention to.

Vivid Or Reoccurring Dreams

If you have the same dream over and over again, or are having extremely vivid dreams, it is best to write them down, and then reflect on them later to see what they may mean. Often the “feeling” the dream leaves you with – holds the answer. The spirit world loves to use dream states to send messages to you, because in your dreams, they are free to create scenarios with colors, magic, and fantasy.

Still not sure if you’re receiving the messages?

If you feel like your Spirit Guide is sending you a sign, or trying to get a message to you, ask them to show you again to be clear. Ask for another word, symbol, or even sign that will further point to what they are trying to show you. Usually, clarification of Spirit Guide messages come in a few days, and sometimes within minutes from when you ask.

Agree on symbols and clues

Think of something that stands out to you, when you see it, you always notice. This symbol helps you know when the messages you get are from your Guides, versus other universal forces.

Invite someone else in on the interpretation

The best way to get an objective opinion is to ask an unbiased source - someone outside of your energy field.

You want to choose someone who tends toward optimism and positive thinking. Layout for this person what you think are signs and symbols and markers and then ask what they think about it.

Without another person present, you can use oracle or tarot decks.

Most importantly, have fun with it and follow your intuition!

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