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Sacred Herbs

What Makes a Herb Sacred?

Herbs are considered ‘sacred’ when they are associated with a particular belief or tradition and used with intention.

There's healing properties within every herb that the earth has provided for us, along with many ways to utilize them in our healing journeys.

Below, we will explore rituals and types of sacred herbs that can be used to suit your healing needs!

Sacred Herbs:

Below are some of my current favorite sacred herbs to work with and their spiritual healing properties.


Lavender evokes feelings of relaxation and peace. Loved for its pleasant aroma, positive vibrations and stress relief.


This sacred herb improves memory, aiding psychic protection and intuition. It inspires the love of self and others and strengthens the willpower.


Due to its high vibration, Cinnamon has the power to activate the third eye chakra promoting physic awareness and intuition. It is also known as a symbol of love, protection and luck.


Cedars spiritual properties help promote peaceful thoughts and help interpret messages from the inner self.


It is believed to have the ability to cleanse a house, evil spirits or negative energy.

Star Anise:

Star Anise has magical healing properties especially when used to gain insight and psychic awareness.


Creating a rituals with your sacred herbs can help keep you mindful of your emotions and your current energetic state. I love using my intuition and making these rituals my own.

Smoke rituals:

The dense smoke from burning sacred herbs lifts in the air, depending on the herb chosen, it can fill and purify the environment, absorb and remove negative energy along with it and leave behind positive energy. To do this, you may choose to create herb bundles, throw your herbs in a fire, or burn them over a hot coal.


Sacred herbs can he used to create an elixir by combining them with oils. This is a great way to infuse magical intention into your daily practice. The oils can be used on the body, added to candles or incorporated into your baths!

Herbal Teas:

Herbs that are safe to ingest can be diffused into water to make wonderful healing teas for your mind, body and soul.

Have you explore healing with sacred herbs? Feel free to share your experience with the group!

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