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Mind Chatter- Taking control of it.

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

I often feel as if my brain is like a really old computer with too many tabs open.

If you’ve been alive for as long as I have, you’ll know that when you open too many tabs on an old PC everything freezes and you can’t do anything until you restart the computer and start whatever you were doing over again.

In the modern world we are all bombarded with information from phone calls to social media posts, work meetings, deadlines, family obligations etc. With the information overload and our busy lives, it’s no wonder that our minds tend to go on over drive and send us into overdrive.

There’s a few ways to help calm the mind chatter that you’re experiencing, and in return, give yourself a bit of a reset.

Acknowledge your thoughts. Meditation and practicing mindfulness is all about paying attention to your thoughts. Notice the kinds of thoughts you’ve been having and try not to judge yourself for having any of these thoughts. Rather, thank them and label them as needed.

You can then pay attention to the thoughts that serve you. Ask yourself, do these thoughts serve me? Do they bring me in the direction of my goals? Will they bring me happiness? Concentrate on these instead of the negative chatter.

Breath. As our minds become agitated, our breath shallows and quickens. When we slow down our breathing, we bring our body and mind back to equilibrium. First, close your eyes or soften your gaze. Next, bring your awareness to the sensation of breath entering your body through the inhale and leaving your body through exhale. Feel your breath go in and out of your nose or mouth, and the rise and fall of your chest. When your mind wanders, release any judgements you have with your exhale. Lastly, slowly come back to focus.

Sound meditation, if you’re in a noisy area and feeling overwhelmed, embrace the noise!

Chose the most constant noise in the room ex: Can you hear the hum of an air conditioning unit near by? Let it fill your mind and try to match your breath to it. The act of embracing the moment and taking control by breathing will tell your mind/body that it’s ok.

Another way to practice sound meditation is to listen to calming soothing sounds or music. If a particular song or sound brings you a sense of calm, take a minute, pop in your headphones and concentrate on the feeling that this sound brings you. Thus, tuning out the chatter that is happening in your mind.

Finally, self care. All of these techniques can take time to master. If you’re in a rut and in need of a total reset, take a day off and do something you love. Like a nature walk, go to the spa (Ahem, Chanti Esthetic and Wellness) or spend time with friends. There is nothing wrong in taking a mental health day.

I would love to know how these techniques work for you! Comment below or send me an email with any holistic living questions!


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