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Summer Self Care-Beauty, Brain and Beyond!

As a holistic Esthetician, I believe that our inner beauty is just as important as our outter beauty. In our modern society, we tend to focus on the outside and neglect whats happening on the inside.

Here are some of my favourite summer self care practices for summer.

The Brain:

Breath and let Mother nature decide. Summer weather is mostly sunshine and butterflies, which tends to make us pack as many activities as we can before in gets cold again (Especially if youre Canadian like I am). Instead of trying to plan all your weekends in advance, try to let the weather decide. Is it too hot for a nature walk? Plan a day at the beach. Rainy day? Good time to catch up on the house work you've been avoiding or go for a coffee with a friend. You can't control the weather, so free your mind from those anxieties!


Iced Herbal Teas, keeping hydrated is key right now! I like to pick up some fresh herbs from the farmers market and make a homemade iced tea! Here's a great perppermint and apple tea recipe from dreadoeswellness :

Summer is all about soaking up some Vit D! Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. It is however important to be safe with our consumption of Vitamin D, which brings me to my next topic;


Sun protection, overexposure to UV rays causes premature aging effects, like: skin wrinkling and hardening, blotchiness, loss of elasticity, dark patches ("age spots") and precancerous skin changes. I personally like to use a natural SPF, some of my personal favourites are, Skin Essence Organics E-cream, Colorscience Tint Soleil and Arbonne CC cream.

Finally, Face Masks, remember the apple and peppermint tea I mentioned above? You can use the fresh peppermint, 100% apple juice, some aloe Vera gel and green clay to make a brightening, and refreshing face mask! I like this particular mask after a long day out in the sun, to give my skin a sort of "reset". If you arn't into the DIY mask making, try Corpa Floras Caviar Rouge face mask. Its a great natural exfoliant and overall invigorating mask.

What are some of your favourite summer self care practices? Comment below and I will share them on my Instagram @chanti_esthetic_wellness

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